Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Two years ago…

… my world changed.

On this very day, two years ago, I opened my facebook account- which at that point was only a month or so old, and I had a message in my inbox from someone from my past.

Let’s recap shall we?

Easter 2007 fell around April 7.
I was still living in Ottawa.
I was starting to get homesick.
Facebook was a knew phenomenon that was sweeping over Canada.
Dragon Boat season was starting- my first and only with the Paddle Demons.
I was slowly recuperating from a severely sprained ankle.
I had just recently won my ipod with RUTRTW thanks to my daily trips to Tim’s at the Rideau Centre.
I decided to go home for Easter because I was getting homesick.
I was sad.

Then, in a serendipitous moment (props to Cathy for the word), I opened my facebook inbox to see a blast from the past. Facebook had already reconnected me with old friends and acquaintances, but none quite like this.

“Sweet merciful crap! if you don’t remember me; I wont be too heart broken...”

au contraire mon frere!

I remembered him of course, from sitting beside one another in Political Theory at U of O. He even used to walk me home from class.

And so began a couple of months of chatting and flirting via facebook, and two months less a day later, I smooched him and our relationship started. On facebook and for realsies.

Thanks for finding me on facebook darlin’…. who knew one little message would bring happiness to my heart the way you have.

I love ya captain.