Saturday, October 03, 2009

On the move!

You know when you have one of those months that once it's over you kinda think "what the hells was that?" Well peeps, that was my September! We all know how crazy fast the summer goes, and of course this year was certainly no different. Nao'r and I had a wonderful summer, making the most out of the time we get to spend with one another. Then September hits and BAM! all of a sudden, people are back from vacation and work picks up (even though it never actually slowed down for the summer), the weather starts to cool, and the days get shorter.

You expect September to come with changes... be it school starting, the aforementioned weather, and the like, but I was NOT expecting this!

So many great things happened for me in September!

It started off with a BANG with me getting the results from my French tests... Exempt in all levels- I NEVER HAVE TO DO THOSE TESTS AGAIN!!! however now everyone thinks I'm a translator... which I assure you, I only got by by the skin of my teeth, so i wouldn't trust my translation.

Then, I get asked to work on a super cool project with the Big Boss. Very very cool opportunity on a topic that's dear to my heart... YAY! Mind you it's in addition to my normal workload of course.

By mid September, I get to see U2... not once, but twice. Concert recaps to follow, I promise. I need to capture those precious moments somewhere. It was magical. Being there with nao'r for one of the shows, and being on the floor, not 20 feet from the stage for the other... MAGICAL!!!

And to finish off the month that was, it's been decided that as a result of nao'r's promotion and transfer, WE are buying a house. And WE are moving to Belleville. On Sept. 30th, WE applied for our pre-approved mortgage and WE are starting off October by going house shopping.

We are over the moon excited and giddy about this. I'm so lucky to have a supportive work environment that is allowing me to continue my job by working out of another location. Nao'r and I will FINALLY be in the same city for the first time in almost 2 and a half years (i.e. our entire relationship)... GEESH I hope Belleville's big enough for the both of us! haha

I'm excited to be in a small city/town again. Don't get me wrong, I love the friends I've made here, and luckily I'll still be working with them, so I'm not really leaving them, but Mississauga's urban jungle just wasn't for me. I always new it was temporary. And I've always known that nao'r was not. I'm just a small town girl at heart, that's why i loved O-town so much!

I'm excited to be able to have the time to commit to a dragon boat team again, not having to put that on hold to travel every weekend (mind you for a good reason).

I'm excited to decorate a house.

I'm excited to cook again (let's face it, me and frozen dinners have become good friends these last few years without a roommate). I'm pretty confident that I'll do the cooking, and nao'r will do the cleaning. I'm going to propose that considering he's very meticulous about the cleaning and I like the cooking. Yep, that will work. Look our first compromise (does it count even if he wasn't involved in it?).

Well that was September for ya! Stay tuned for house news!!!